Jesse Brault: Software Developer


  • Java (5 years), Groovy (5 years), Kotlin (2 years)
  • TypeScript (4 years), JavaScript (5 years), HTML, CSS/SCSS
  • Lua, Ruby, Bash

Frameworks, Libraries and Technologies

  • Spring, Spring Boot, Gradle, JUnit, IntelliJ Idea
  • NodeJS, React, Express, Prisma, GraphQL, VSCode
  • MySQL, SQLite

Programming Interests and Skills

  • Web development
  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • REST protocol
  • Dependency injection
  • Programming languages
  • Compilers
  • Git, Github
  • ORMs
  • Open-source software
  • Creating tools and plugins

Personal Projects

All of my software projects are hosted publicly on GitHub. Please contact me if you have any inquiries related to them or my work in general.


  • groowt, or Groovy Web Tools: A set of libraries and CLI tools for facilitating web-development in Groovy, inspired by Ruby on Rails and Grails. Includes a custom templating language Web View Components inspired by ReactJS and Ruby's ERB templates, with a compiler developed with the ANTLR parser generator. 2024–present. Java, Groovy, Kotlin.
  • ssg, or Static Site Generator: An extensible CLI application for statically generating websites from text files and other input. I created this out of a need for a static site generator in which I could embed Groovy without all the hassle of a full-size server-oriented framework such as Grails. So far, I am using it for all my personal sites (including this very site), and in the past has been used elsewhere. 2023–present. Groovy, Java.
  • jbarchiva: A Gradle plugin to facilitate easy access to my personal Maven repository at 2022-present.
  • fsm: A set of easily configurable finite state machines with a simple domain-specific language, also featuring Groovy integration. Java, Groovy. 2022–2023.


  • jbci, or Jesse Brault Continuous Integration: A CI program written in TypeScript which listens to GitHub webhooks and then executes pre-configured shell scripts based on the webhook payload, mainly used to update my websites by simple pushes to my various GitHub repositories. 2022–present.
  • jb-api: A backend for my personal websites which listens for JSON "contact" requests, validates them, and sends mail to personal e-mail addresses. 2022–present.
  • Meals Made Easy: A fully-functioning meal-planning web-app developed during my time in Co.Lab | You Belong in Tech. I worked closely with a product manager and designer to make the project come alive. It is built with TypeScript, React, Redux, and SCSS. 2021.

Web Sites

  • Jesse Brault: Where you are right now. It is made using the above-described Groowt and Ssg libraries/utilities. 2024–present.
  • Red Dog Ensemble: A website for a contemporary classical music ensemble I co-founded in New York City, made using the above-mentioned Ssg. 2023. Visit site.

Soft Skills

  • Cooperation
  • Team player
  • Leadership
  • Agile development method
  • Self-discipline
  • Quick learning
  • Proactive spirit
  • Cross-functional teamwork
  • Embracing of team diversity