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For solo piano and wind ensemble.

Premiere: March 17, 2013, Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Illuminatio (Latin for "Illumination") was written in response to "Innovation in the Liberal Arts", St. Olaf College's campus theme of the 2012–13 academic year. In the traditional way of thinking about the liberal arts, the study of multiple, diverse disciplines can often seem to be a process of merely learning a plethora of diverse facts. However, one can recognize this process instead as a deeper enlightening, that of becoming aware. The study of diverse lines of thought not only gives one many different pieces of knowledge, but it heightens one’s perception of the world through experiencing many different perspectives of other human beings. The innovation is thus a change of the way one thinks about the process of learning in the liberal arts. Illuminatio seeks to capture musically this process of expanding one's awareness.

The St. Olaf College Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry program sponsored my work on Illuminatio.

The work was premiered in March 2013 by Dr. Kent McWilliams and the St. Olaf Band, with the composer conducting.